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 "be" Asahi Newspaper on May 12th, 2007

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"be" Asahi Newspaper on May 12th, 2007 Empty
PostSubject: "be" Asahi Newspaper on May 12th, 2007   "be" Asahi Newspaper on May 12th, 2007 EmptySun Jun 03, 2007 12:36 pm

Daisuke is featuring on the "be" Asashi News paper on May, 5th, 12th, and 19th. (in Japanese)

"be" on May 12th, 2007 "Hardtime after won the Jr. Worlds in 2002"

On March, 2002, Daisuke Takahashi won the Jr. Wolrds at first time as Japanese men. He was so excited and said " I won the medal and made a history." innocently, however, he didn't know that he would have hardtime at that time. After Jr. Wolrds, his program needed quad jump in relation with old rule 6.0 scores. As he began to practice a quad jump, so that he could not jump even 3A which he could at Jr. because of his adolescence.

And Daisuke and his coach Utako Nagamitsu went to overseas for appropriate solution. When Daisuke has met Utakao at the summer 1999, she substituted for coach that he asked a program. Utako won a Jr. Japan Championships ladies and became a coach after graduated university. She met the only one who could be a top at first time. After they have been looking for famouse coaches for Daisuke at Canada, USA on August, 2003, they lived at hotel in Russia for four months. They had no relation with Russians and had no amusement there. Daisuke commented "I wasn't scared, because she stayed with me." As a result, they replaced the practice place to Japan from Russia.

On April, 2004, Daisuke became a student of Kansai University. Every students has enjoyed their university life, however, Daisuke had no enjoyable thing but only skating. Daisuke added "University students has free to go everywhere and play with friends on Saturday and Sunday that day I practiced. I thought that I should enjoy like other students, not skating and I said myself why I have to skate?". At last, one day on Summer, 2004, he has leaving home and watched sea of Kobe all day. Daisuke said " I thought that I would quit skating, however, it was very hard to stop my skating life according to my intention. Because many people supported me to skate before." Gradually, he didn't have motivation for skating and it made him to deliver disappointed results on competitions afterwords.

"Recognized enjoyable skating at show"

While Daisuke struggled his life, Utako has saved his skating life. After Japan Championships 2004, it had an exhibition by medalists. Even though Daisuke has no approval to attend the exhibition, Utako negotiated with boards members of JOC and won a approval for his assignment. Utako has noticed his gift when she met at first time. She mentioned "He was gifted and he can be top of the world. If Daisuke quit his skating life, it would be my responsibility. That's why I forced him to attend the exhibition." As Daisuke has opposed attending the show and thought that he didn't like special treatment, Utako was very angry with his attitude. Daisuke remembered "She was so angry that I never seen before."

At the exhibition, he performed "Nocturne" by Secret Garden which he choreographed by himself and it made him to change his mind. "It wasn't very hard to move and felt free. And I noticed that I enjoyed skating." After all, Daisuke recognized that he had a skating life again.


"be" 「逆風満帆」 高橋大輔 「厚かったシニアの壁」



2004年、高橋は関西大学の学生となった。「大学生は自由に行動できるし、土日も友達と遊べる。スケートよりもっと楽しいことがあるじゃんって。」周囲の学生は皆、キャンパスライフを満喫し楽しそうだ。何故、自分はスケートをしているのか? 夏には家出をして神戸の海を1日中見つめていたこともある。「辞めたくても、自分の意思で辞められないのが辛かった。」彼が次第にモチベーションを無くすにつれ、試合の結果も酷いものとなった。



高橋選手にとって長光コーチの存在は大きいですね。長光コーチから高橋選手へのメールに「(試合の)結果がどうであれ、いつも一緒にいます。」という言葉がありましたが、こういう言葉を贈る方が高橋選手の周囲にいて支えてくれるのは素晴らしい事ですね。 Very Happy
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"be" Asahi Newspaper on May 12th, 2007
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